The Theatre Arts department offers a wide range of theatre courses and production opportunities. Through the study of the theatrical arts (acting, directing, stagecraft, design, and playwriting) students experience the power and value of theatre as a form of cultural development, societal reflection, and communication. Theatrical experience helps students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and human behavior by developing creative and critical thinking skills in a teamwork environment.

Career Opportunities

    Careers in theatre arts go beyond performance in stage, radio, television, video, and motion picture productions. Careers are also found in technical areas of theatrical production; costumers, sound and light technicians, carpenters, set designers, and business managers are essential to the field. Some actors do narration work for advertisements, animated features, recorded books, and other electronic media. Many theatre arts graduates teach theatre in high school and college theatre departments.


Kevin Loomer

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As part of the Humanities Division, the Art Department shares the mission of the other performing and fine arts: to inspire students to discover their potential and to achieve their goals in speech communications, fine arts, drama, and music by providing a wide variety of guided presentation and performance opportunities, a nurturing and challenging atmosphere, and challenging standards of instruction aimed especially for small groups and individuals.

Program Outcomes

  • Employ an increasing range of rudimentary acting skills including the ability to create characters convincing and project one's self believably in word and action into imaginary circumstances.
  • Demonstrate increasing creativity in outward verbal and non-verbal expression.
  • Develop and display a continuing respect for the differing talents and abilities of other artists/performers.
  • Apply standard terminology of the acting profession.
  • Demonstrate application of a given "tools/materials" used in the production of a live performance.
  • Exhibit the people skills necessary for effective ensemble work (teamwork) to occur.