Work in healthcare with just one quarter of training in Phlebotomy.  This program prepares students to collect, handle, and process blood samples for analysis or other medical purposes in clinical settings. A national certification exam is available for those interested at the conclusion of the instruction.


Endorsements are provided in selected Professional-Technical Programs consisting of less than 20 credit hours and are designed to provide basic entry-level skills. This endorsement is designed to prepare the student to collect, handle, and process blood specimen for analysis in clinical settings. The student is eligible to take a national certification exam at the conclusion of the instruction. Students must earn a minimum of a C (2.0) in order to earn a Certificate of Completion

Industry Description

A Phlebotomy Technician draws blood from patients or donors in hospitals, blood banks, or similar facilities for analysis or other medical purposes: Assembles equipment, such as tourniquet, needles, disposable containers for needles, blood collection devices, gauze, cotton, and alcohol on work tray, according to requirements for specified tests or procedures. Verifies or records identity of patient or donor and converses with patient or donor to allay fear of procedure. Applies tourniquet to arm, locates accessible vein, swabs puncture area with antiseptic, and inserts needle into vein to draw blood into collection tube or bag. Withdraws needle, applies treatment to puncture site, and labels and stores blood container for subsequent processing. May conduct interviews, take vital signs, and draw and test blood samples to screen donors at blood bank. Phlebotomists also collect medical specimen samples other than blood as directed.


Because of the growing population and increased aging sector of our country, there is a demand for trained workers in a variety of health-related occupations. The healthcare industry is experiencing shortages of qualified, competent healthcare workers. Health service jobs represent the fastest growth categories in the State of Washington.

Entrance Requirements

High school diploma or GED® required.  This is a spring quarter only program. WWCC has an open admissions process. It’s free to apply and everyone who applies is accepted. Apply online.

Other Information

For help with the application and/or funding please contact Angelica Can.


Angelica Can

Phone: (509) 527-4589