Philosophy courses ask fundamental questions about how we can improve our critical thinking methods and how we can effectively evaluate the paradigms upon which we build our belief systems. Philosophy courses examine ancient thinkers and their ideas as well as contemporary scholars and their contributions to the discipline.

Career Opportunities

    Most philosophy majors pursue college and university teaching careers; others, however, find rewarding careers in business, government, journalism, law, and human services, all of which are best pursued after earning a post-baccalaureate degree.


Jennifer Bayne-lemma

Phone: (509) 527-4640

Walla Walla Campus 500 Tausick Way Walla Walla, WA 99362


The Philosophy department seeks to encourage a life-long exploration of the human condition by investigating the nature and origins of human experience and the meaning and application of those experiences in all their varied contexts, systems, cultures, and customs.

Program Outcomes

  • Examine culturally diverse works in philosophy and apply philosophical concepts to other academic areas of inquiry.
  • Construct, formulate, and utilize an appropriate level of creativity, discipline, and technique in the production of assigned work in the humanities.
  • Compare and analyze culturally diverse works in literature and philosophy
  • Identify and employ terminology commonly used in the humanities.
  • Apply ancient ideas to contemporary issues.