Mathematics is important in virtually every field of study. The purpose of the mathematics department is to offer courses to a wide variety of students. The courses offered in the math department are meant to satisfy the needs of both majors and non-majors in mathematics. They provide basic instruction for students interested in a broad educational experience.

The general student will find preparatory courses in introductory algebra, intermediate algebra, pre-calculus and traditional mathematics courses such as finite mathematics, calculus, and statistics. The department strives to offer learning experiences that reflect the latest current teaching methodologies and implements current technological innovations and tools.


Career Oportunities

Mathematics is the foundation upon which many other academic disciplines are built. Mathematics is used extensively in physics, statistics, engineering, and operations research. Many other fields, such as, chemistry, business and industrial management, economics, finance, geology, life sciences, and behavioral sciences are also dependent on mathematics. Some professionals, including statisticians and operations research analysts, are specialists in a particular branch of mathematics. Some pursue a graduate degree in mathematics to prepare themselves for research in the field of mathematics.


Mission Statement

To inspire, motivate, and support students in the development of their mathematical knowledge. To help students deepen their understanding of the significance of mathematics in our world and in their life goals.


Degree Options

Students may earn an Associate in Arts degree (90 credits) or an Associate in Math Education (for students planning to teach high school math) which are both designed to prepare students for upper division study in math. Please consult with an advisor at WWCC and your intended transfer institution to determine an appropriate education plan. (See AA-DTA in Degrees section of catalog.)


Program Outcomes

  • The ability to analyze problems to determine what mathematical principles apply.
  • Logical reasoning and mathematical principles to solve problems.
  • An ability to interpret information and reasoning expressed mathematically (symbols, tables, graphs, formulas, etc.).
  • The ability to communicate mathematical information effectively.
  • Mathematical skills in critical thinking and reasoning.


Entrance Requirements

To determine enrollment level, students may take a placement exam or submit applicable documents as indicated by the Multiple Measures Placement Process found here.


Preparation For Success

High school students interested in a major in Mathematics should take four years of high school mathematics including a year of mathematics their senior year. Those planning to take a math course in college should also take a full year of mathematics as a senior. Taking four years of math is highly recommended for all high school students.


Other Information

The Tutoring and Learning Center is a great place for students to work one-on-one with a tutor to review their math in any course at the College. Students can also work on math, whether or not they need help. It is a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for students to come together and study, in groups or individually.



Julianne Sachs

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