Mathematics are important in virtually every field of study. The courses offered in the Math Department are meant to satisfy the needs of both majors and non-majors in mathematics. They provide basic instruction for students interested in a broad educational experience. The department strives to offer learning experiences that reflect the most effective teaching methodologies and implement current technological innovations and tools.

Students planning to complete precalculus may take a preparatory course in introductory algebra; otherwise, the algebra necessary for entry-level college math courses is offered as corequisite support. (Click this link for details.) For students continuing mathematical studies beyond precalculus, we offer several calculus courses as well as linear algebra.

Degree Options

Students may earn an Associate in Arts degree, an Associate in Science Option II degree, or an Associate in Math Education degree (for students planning to teach high school math), all of which are designed to prepare students for upper division study in math. Please consult with an advisor at WWCC and your intended transfer institution to determine an appropriate education plan. (See Degrees section of the catalog.)


Career Opportunities

    Mathematics is the foundation upon which many other academic disciplines are built. Mathematics is used extensively in physics, statistics, engineering, and operations research. Many other fields, such as, chemistry, business and industrial management, economics, finance, geology, life sciences, and behavioral sciences are also dependent on mathematics. Some professionals, including statisticians and operations research analysts, are specialists in a particular branch of mathematics. Some pursue a graduate degree in mathematics to prepare themselves for research in the field of mathematics.


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To inspire, motivate, and support students in the development of their mathematical knowledge. To help students deepen their understanding of the significance of mathematics in our world and in their life goals.