John Deere Technology

The John Deere Tech program is an educational experience designed to upgrade the technical competence and professional skills of incoming John Deere employees and enhance the skills of existing John Deere personnel. The program consists of classroom lecture and laboratory experiences on actual John Deere products and includes a unique paid cooperative work experience for students at a John Deere dealership. The curriculum was designed in partnership with the John Deere Corporation and is maintained with input from an advisory committee of local and regional dealership employees and John Deere personnel.


Career Opportunities


Mission Statement

Provide education and training to prepare students to become John Deere professionals. Inspire positive work ethic, good communication skills, and strong technical skills needed in John Deere organizations.


Degree Options

Students may earn an Associate in Applied Sciences Degree in John Deere Technology upon completion of the seven-quarter program of study.


Program Outcomes

  • Implement competency-based education, skill standards, and program certification.
  • Create and maintain a marketing plan related to student recruitment.
  • Update facilities with consideration for function and appearance.


Entrance Requirements

Students can enter this program during the winter quarter or fall quarter of every even numbered year. Since considerable time is spent at the dealership, the program requires the student to have a sponsoring dealer. The main responsibility of the dealership is to provide training-related employment for the student during work experience quarters. If necessary, students can request assistance in locating a sponsoring dealer. In order to start this program, the placement process including a mechanical reasoning test must be completed through the Testing Center. Visit for more information.


Scholarships Available

The John Deere Program at Walla Walla Community College offers several scholarships to students in John Deere programs. The amounts of these scholarships vary between $250 and $500. These scholarships are not based upon student financial need, but on the student's previous academic performance, references, and response to question on the scholarship application. The scholarship committee determines award recipients from leadership abilities and academic potential.


Industry Description

The John Deere Company is a worldwide leader in machinery manufacturing. It envisions the need for highly trained technicians to repair and maintain the world's most sophisticated farm machinery. The John Deere Company has been innovative in the training and recruitment of prospective employees due to the need for trained Management, Marketing, Sales, and Service Technician personnel to work in dealerships in the United States and throughout the world. In an effort to meet this demand, partnerships have been developed with educational institutions.


Other Information

For additional information including regional employment data, completion rates, student characteristics, and employment see



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