Humanities courses (those with a HUM designation) focus on a blend of topics in art, literature, philosophy, history, religion, music, theatre, film, and architecture. Segments include 1) The Classical, 2) The Medieval and Renaissance, and 3) The Modern. These courses prepare students for success on the world stage by exploring the diversity and the influences of these historical moments on the values of the western world and especially of modern Americans.


Jeremiah Burt

Phone: (509) 524-5154

Walla Walla Campus 500 Tausick Way Walla Walla, WA 99362


The Humanities Division seeks to enrich students' lives through exploration of the diversity of human expressions and cultures as well as to build a foundation for life-long learning - including successful future academic achievement - through writing, literature, language arts and philosophy.

Program Outcomes

  • Critique culturally diverse works in art, literature, music, and architecture.
  • Identify the major characteristics of the era and connect them to western culture today.
  • Competently employ creativity, discipline, and technique in the production of assigned class projects.
  • Analyze these eras critically by presenting opinions and responses to reading/viewing through use of textual evidence and other rhetorical devices.