Human & Social Services

The Human & Social Services program is designed to provide theoretical and practical knowledge important to be a successful professional in human and social services and to apply those concepts in a variety of settings. Students learn the attributes and needs of diverse populations served by human service organizations and the professional and ethical standards to work with people in need. A number of opportunities are available with community agencies and institutions to gain hands-on experience through field placements. Students may concentrate in specialized areas by choosing specific electives related to their interests.


Career Opportunities

Human service professionals work in a variety of settings, providing client services such as rehabilitation, social work, support for families, food and shelter assistance, addiction and recovery, mental health, community health, and disability services to help clients achieve self-sufficiency.
Job opportunities may include:

  • Social and Human Services Assistants
  • Community and Social Services Specialists
  • Peer Support Counselors
  • Mental Health Program Assistants
  • Behavioral Support Aides

The 2015 occupational employment and wage estimates published by the Washington State Employment Security Department for Walla Walla County report the annual median salary for human and social service professionals is $33,750 with most earning $19,620-$46,620. Washington State job growth for Social and Human Service Assistants is projected to increase 24% by 2022 with approximately 1,050 positions needed within a 50 mile radius of the Walla Walla and Clarkston campuses.


Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Human & Social Services program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate adequate preparation for career development required to be an effective human services professional.
  • Recognize and apply ethical and professional standards within the human services field.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of human development and how social systems interact in producing human problems.
  • Identify the full spectrum of a diverse community and appropriate techniques for working with diverse individuals.
  • Identify strategies, interventions, and goal attainment that promote healthy functioning and treatment-rehabilitation congruent with organizations in the human service profession.
  • Employ proficient written and verbal communication skills and the appropriate uses of technology.


Entrance Requirements

The Associate of Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) degree is the best option for students planning to pursue a four year degree at a Washington baccalaureate institution. In order to start this program, the placement process must be completed through the Testing Center. Visit for more information.

To register for the Human & Social Services degree please complete steps 1 - 4 from the Future Students webpage.


Industry Description

The Human & Social Services program is designed for students interested in working with people in need. Students will have the opportunity to study human behavior and human development within the context of the psychological, social and biophysical environments in which people live. They will develop skills needed to work with others both one-on-one and in groups. They will develop the value base from which they will practice and learn the ethical standards of the helping professions. They will learn to appreciate and work in a multicultural environment. As a major part of their study, they will also have the opportunity to work directly with people in need by being assigned two field placements with agencies and institutions in the community.


Other Information

Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening

This program does not require background checks or drug screening before entering into the program. However, students might want to familiarize themselves with how future employers might use these procedures. Whether one is hired or promoted for a job may depend on the information revealed in a background check. Job applicants, student practicums, and volunteers may be required to submit to background checks and/or drug screens by federal or state law. For more information, visit Contact Dr. Curtis Phillips for questions, email or call 509.527.4296.

For additional information including regional employment data, completion rates, student characteristics, and employment see



Curtis Phillips

Phone: (509) 527-4296