In the Associate of Applied Science of Energy Systems Technology (EST) Degree program, we train people for medium- to high-skill electrical-mechanical related occupations with a regional starting wage of $15 to $25/hour. All EST students complete the same first-year core requirements and then specialize in one or more of 10 concentrations (after year one). After completing the 1st year core requirements, when a student completes one of our “2nd year” concentrations, then he/she earns a degree in EST. Many students choose to complete multiple 2nd-year concentrations – to earn a degree + additional certification(s) — to make them more marketable for a wide spectrum of good job opportunities.

The EST program offers an orientation for new and returning students at least once per year. New students to the program can begin in fall, winter, or spring quarters. We have an active campus service club for students to gain professional skills and experience they can add directly to their resume to enhance their job attainment goals (Leading Edge Green Integrated Technology: LEGIT).

We are aware that not all students can begin college without additional supports in place. By working with Navigators from our Workforce Education Services Department, you can see if you qualify for state and federal funding for things such as: tuition and fees, books, tools, childcare, food, bus passes, and/or other costs associated with being a student. Go ahead and meet with a Navigator to discuss what state and/or federal assistance you may qualify for by clicking here:

Kurz Industrial Scholarship opportunity. Find out more here

Work with our team to become an EST student today, so you can secure a medium to high-skill electrical-mechanical related job in the near future! Call 509-237-6636.