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Energy Systems Technology

There is increased demand for technicians and operators with robust electrical, mechanical, and bio-chemical skills and knowledge. Graduates of the Energy Systems Technology degree program are in high demand by public works, power generation, food & beverage processing, pulp & paper milling, manufacturing, agriculture, irrigation, and renewable energy operations!

To complete the AAS degree in Energy Systems Technology, students first complete a one-year electrical core course sequence, and then specialize in one or more of four concentrations that provide opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Calculate, measure, and process a variety of materials to generate high value products, including: electricity, bioproducts, treated water, crops, foods & beverages, paper products, and renewable energy;
  • Monitor, adjust, and control equipment to ensure optimal performance, including: turbines, pumps, valves, gates, fans, controllers, filters, conveyors, emitters, drones, robots, and instruments; and
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair/replace wiring and mechanical equipment safely using testing devices and power tools.