Career and Academic Preparation

Career and Academic Preparation (CAP) offers a variety of courses and programs designed to build skills in reading, writing, oral communication, critical thinking, technology, and mathematics so adults can transition to workforce training or academic transfer programs. Students are prepared to earn an Adult High School Plus Diploma or General Education Development (GED®) and/or increase English Language Skills. CAP programs provide students with an opportunity to build on prior experience as they grow academic skills and establish supports needed to achieve their goals. On-going and pre- and post-CASAS assessment is required. Class fees are $25 per quarter.

Adult High School Completion is a competency-based high school diploma designed for adult learners (18 and older) who do not have a GED® or High School (HS) diploma. This program encourages lifelong learning and prepares students to transition into I-BEST or other college programs to further training and education, or to acquire family-wage jobs.

GED® preparation classes are designed for individuals who wish to prepare for the college entrance exam or for the four subject tests included on the General Educational Development (GED®) exam. Courses integrate content from the following subject areas: reasoning through language arts; science; social studies; and mathematical reasoning.

Pre-college classes provide a learning environment that assists students in developing skills and confidence that lead to academic and vocational success. Pre-college classes include Reading, English, Math, and Basic Computers.

Program completion. The time required to complete the course depends on individual learning needs. A student is typically co-enrolled in a degree or certificate program. Students who complete college classes normally experience higher skill achievement and greater success in academic and vocational classes as well as increase their potential for greater earning power in the workforce.

I-BEST - Integrated Basic Education Skills Skills pathway training programs are designed for students to improve their English language or basic skills while earning college-level certificates or two-year degrees. In the I-BEST program, classes are team taught by one content instructor and one basic skills instructor providing additional academic support in college courses. Each I-BEST program includes the opportunity to build reading, math, and English skills through basic skills and development levels with the goal of reaching college level and earning work ready certificates and degrees. I-BEST students meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Students test below college level in college or math on the CASAS;
  • Students don't have their high school diploma or GED®
  • Students who have their high school diploma or GED® but may have been out of school for a long period of time and test below college level on CASAS in reading or math, and would like extra support in the classroom.

Offerings for IBEST include:

  • Watershed Ecology
  • Pre-nursing Assistant and Nursing Assistant
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Energy Systems Technology


Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of program, the students:

  • Demonstrate academic reading, math, and written and oral communication skills through the development of critical thinking and comprehension strategies.
  • Recognize themselves as learners and citizens capable of accomplishing their academic and professional goals and contributing to the larger community.
  • Engage in campus activities, utilize campus resources, and demonstrate the ability to transition to and navigate academic and professional environments.
  • Demonstrate an increase in computer literacy and proficiency in using technology for academic and professional purposes.
  • Use interpersonal skills and strategies in a multicultural context.


Entrance Requirements

Students may register any time during the quarter and there is a $25 fee per quarter.