Walla Walla Community College offers two Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in the areas of agriculture and business. Applied baccalaureate degrees build upon the skills gained in a two-year professional technical AAS degree. Upon completion of the AAS degree, students are eligible to apply for the the two-year BAS degree. Students gain hands-on career training and employers seek graduates because they have technical expertise combined with communication, computation, critical thinking and people-management skills.


Agricultural Systems

The future of agriculture depends on the next generation of professionals who are interested in learning about agroecology, animal science, policy, plants, technology, soil and sustainability

two individuals in wheat field holding mobile devices

Agricultural Systems – Agriculture Business Concentration 

The Ag Business concentration combines knowledge and skills from agricultural systems with business administration to prepare students for the management functions involved with the production and marketing of agricultural commodities.


Business Management

A bachelor’s level degree is required for most mid to upper management positions. Managers with increased responsibilities also receive higher wages. Typically, managers lead a team while completing other administrative tasks.

back of Police officer facing patrol car

Business Management – Criminal Justice Administration Concentration

Whether beginning your education or advancing your career, our strategically crafted program sharpens your skills and fast-tracks your career making you applicable for competitive promotions and pay increases so you can achieve your professional aspirations at any stage in your career.


Business Management –Entrepreneurship Concentration

An entrepreneur is defined by the personal risk one takes-on in their pursuit of launching a new business, organization, product, or other form of enterprise. Reduce your risk by gaining the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in planning and launching your venture.


Business Management – Marketing Concentration

A concentration in Marketing will specifically prepare you to manage the integrative relationship between products and processes and to balance the scope of responsibilities that comes with understanding and responding to the data behind consumer behaviors and market trends.


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