The future of agriculture depends on the next generation of professionals who are interested in learning about agroecology, animal science, policy, plants, technology, soil and sustainability. Students in the Agricultural Systems degree at Walla Walla Community College will:

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Analyze the interactions between the natural, human, climatic, political and economic components of the agroecosystem
  • Adjust or identify pathways to minimize the many potential negative effects on environmental, societal and human health
  • Contribute to the agricultural industry through hands-on exposure to diverse experiences and perspectives grounded in applied science and reality

The BAS in Agricultural Systems offers hands-on career training. Employers actively seek graduates of BAS programs because they have gained the necessary knowledge and applicable skills to immediately enter the workforce with minimal to no additional training.

Career Opportunities

  • Agronomist
  • Agricultural/Research Technician
  • Agriculture Extension Agent
  • Crop Advisor/Consultant
  • Ecologist
  • Farmer/Owner/Operator
  • International Development Officer
  • Livestock Manager
  • Loan Officer
  • Natural Resource Conservation Specialist
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Manager
  • Precision Agriculture Specialist
  • Production Supervisor
  • Sales Manager


Cristie Crawford

Phone: 509-223-2046

Walla Walla Campus 500 Tausick Way Walla Walla, WA 99362