What’s WWCC Cost?

Student Expense Budgets for Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters
WA Resident Living w/ ParentsWA Resident Independent
Tuition and Fees$2,718**$2,718**
Books and Supplies$924$924
Tools and Tool Box two years$2,200$2,200
Room and Board Allowance$2,520$7,140
Transportation Allowance$1,362$1,362
Personal, etc$1,524$1,608
**Add, $1,146 for non-resident tuition
What can an Auto Technician earn?
Entry Level after graduation$9.61 per hour average wage
Three Years Experience$10.00 to $16.20 usually some benefits
Journeyman Automotive Technician$17.00 to $26.00 In Southeast Washington. Also benefits.
Associated Press, Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan said “The days when a high school or college education would serve a person throughout his/her working life are gone. Learning will increasingly need to be a lifelong activity”.

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