Students that belong to the club, build, repair, research and race this 1999 Chevrolet Camaro to learn concepts of high performance vehicles such as; building engines using state-of-the-art high performance¬†components, rebuilding automatic transmissions to learn what it takes for a transmission to stand up to the harsh conditions found in high performance vehicles. Students also learn how to “dyno tune” the vehicle for maximum performance using a chassis dynamometer and programming software to modify the vehicle’s original powertrain computer module (PCM) software program.¬† This vehicle’s mechanical aspects were completley done by the automotive technolgy club with appearance paint work by the WWCC auto collision club. The car is taken to various recruiting events to show students another aspect of the automotive repair industry.

All WWCC students are invited to join the club. See the program faculty for more information or call 509.527.4693