Allied Health & Safety Education

The purpose of Allied Health & Safety Education (AHSE) is to create a learning environment to support a variety of educational, personal enrichment, and career development goals in the field of health and safety. The clientele served by AHSE comprise a wide age group at a variety of educational levels and differing learning outcomes that range from obtaining and maintaining job skills, training for new careers, and personal growth.


Entrance Requirements

Most courses require a high school diploma or GED®, and in some cases require an advanced level of certification or registration. Some do not require high school diploma or GED® but have basic requirements such as reading, writing, and language proficiency requirements.


Industry Description

Because of the growing population and increased aging sector of our country, there is a demand for trained workers in a variety of health-related occupations. The healthcare industry is experiencing shortages of qualified, competent healthcare workers. Health service jobs represent the fastest growth categories in the State of Washington.


Other Information

Funding is sometimes available through various agencies for these programs.

Allied Health & Safety Education includes the following departments: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Fire Science (FCA), Health Occupations (HO), and Industrial First Aid (IFA). Please see specific program sections for certificate information.



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