Allied Health & Safety Education

The purpose of Allied Health & Safety Education (AHSE) is to create a learning environment to support a variety of educational, personal enrichment, and career development goals in the field of health and safety. The clientele served by AHSE comprise a wide age group at a variety of educational levels and differing learning outcomes that range from obtaining and maintaining job skills, training for new careers, and personal growth.


The vision of Allied Health and Safety Education is for healthy and safe communities to have continuous access to flexible, high-quality education that meets the ongoing needs of their healthcare workforce.


The mission of Allied Health and Safety Education is to satisfy the demand for skilled healthcare workers and first responders by providing quality education and real-world training experiences to students entering a career in Allied Health or Safety professions as well as for those seeking continued professional development in healthcare and emergency response.

Program Outcomes

Allied Health and Safety Education students will be able to:

  • Integrate standards of care, caring frameworks, and evidence-based practices in order to meet the requirements for entry level employment in allied health professions such as nursing assistant, fire science, phlebotomy, and emergency medical technician.
  • Demonstrate adherence to ethical, legal, and safety standards in the provision of client care and personal safety.
  • Use relevant technologies for their respective healthcare profession to access, articulate, and utilize appropriate healthcare information.
  • Employ communication skills that reflect respect for cultural, social, religious, gender, race, and ethnic perspectives and result in interactions with clients and their families that positively influence the provision of healthcare.


Angelica Can

Program Specialist
Phone: (509) 527-4589

Walla Walla Campus 500 Tausick Way Walla Walla, WA 99362

Sandra Gonzalez Graham

MSN Ed. Allied Health Director
Phone: (509) 527-4462